Are you thinking about starting a family in the next few years?

Are you ready to start a family, but struggling to get pregnant?

Are you suffering from PMS or irregular cycles?

I can help prepare your body for pregnancy through balancing your hormones naturally.

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Dr. Fanning meets with both individuals and couples to assess their current overall health, and make improvements to have the best chance of natural conception.


Our signature programs are a great way to commit to your fertility and get the best support possible.



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I take a different approach to your fertility.

For some women and men, getting their bodies healthy before pregnancy can take some time. We offer comprehensive natural treatment programs that are less expensive than conventional infertility treatments.  We also work closely with IVF clinics to improve success rates of assisted reproductive procedures. Unique treatment plans are created for every patient to address their specific needs! Learn More...

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       Pacific Coast Natural Fertility is a natural health clinic that helps men and women improve their health and their fertility. We also treat children: infants, children, and adolescencents, because we believe the best health comes when the whole family is committed to healthy lifestyle. By using natural therapeutic tools like diet and lifestyle counseling, nutritional evaluation and supplements, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy, we help our patients create a life that helps them thrive. We are located in the beautiful Fremont neighborhood off Leary Way in Seattle, WA. We serve patients all over the greater Seattle area including Ballard, Wallingford, Ravenna, Maple Leaf, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Green Lake, Phinney Ridge, University District, and more.

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