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Dr. Fanning meets with both individuals and couples to find out where your health is, and where it could improve to have the best chances of natural conception.


Our signature programs are a great way to create structure to your fertility plan. Comprehensive approach....


Are you…

  • Thinking about starting a family in the next few years?
  • Ready to start a family, but struggling to get pregnant?
  • Wondering why you can’t conceive?
  • Suffering from PMS or irregular cycles?

I take a different approach to your fertility.

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The mainstream medical model is that couples are told to try to conceive for a year before starting to take major action. Then, they are usually offered medically assisted reproduction such as medications, IUI, or IVF. 

Starting natural therapies and functional medicine techniques soon allows us to bring your hormones and your health into balance NOW. There is no downside to getting started on being healthy today.


I can help prepare you to get pregnant naturally, and feel better in the meantime!


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